Thursday, May 12, 2016

Small Changes

Back in 2003, when we moved into our home, we left the window treatments in the living room alone. I didn't hate the blinds; I didn't love the blinds. But cash was short and the littles were small. Since that time, we've accumulated more children and more animals and truth be told, I didn't care what was on the windows, just that something covered them up at night. (You know, when the lurkers could peer into the window and see all on-goings of the family.)

But soon enough, due to the animals and the children, the blinds began to break. I tried as hard as I could to mend or replace each one, but to no avail. And a few months ago, I asked my friend to come over and give us an estimate for something casual and clean to hang in the windows.

"No curtains?" he said.

"The windows are in the corners, and while I think curtains are okay...selecting them involves too many decisions. Plus, the cats will hang on them."

"Blinds then?" he asked.

"Yep, I think so."

"With color or white?"

"We have white upstairs, so let's be consistent." I remember nodding my head, as if the gesture ended the sentence and implied, No further discussion!

I didn't particularly care what type of blind he installed, but we had to think of the cats and their claws. So putting up a lovely cordless honeycomb was just as much out of the picture as the curtains. We settled on faux wood 2 inch blinds, in white. (I just said that, didn't I?)

You might wonder why I'm bothering to tell you this very ordinary, mundane story. Here's why.

As soon as Tom installed the blinds, the room  took on a very different feel to me. The new blinds let in so much more light than the old blinds, and, the white "faux wood" reflected that light back into the room. My spirit lifted and my mind began to think in the manner it used to: in terms of anecdotes I can gather and stories I can tell.

Don't you just love the pigeon? I told you that lurkers are out there!
It's not obvious from the picture above (I'm a writer and not a photographer) how much brighter my living and dining areas are. And while the change might seem small to all of you, it might be all I needed to get back on track here. Only time will tell...


Anonymous said...

O, it's such a lovely little corner with a wonderful chair! Lots of light makes such a difference. So glad the mundane process of installing new blinds led to something great for you :)

Anonymous said...

...and, this is really a great example of how much the little things in life matter.