Wednesday, February 15, 2017


In case you weren't aware, email marketing works.

How do I know? Because yesterday, as I was editing a piece of someone else's fiction, I checked my email. There, in my promotions folder, I found an email from CVS. It said:
Valentine's Day is here! Need a last-minute gift or two? Hurry in store -- we've got just what you need.
Up until that moment, I had no plans to get any of the family members a gift for Valentine's Day. But no sooner had I read the email and there I was, checking my watch to see what time it was and wondering if I had spare time to run out to CVS. Twenty minutes later, I came home, less money in my pocket and this load in my hands.

I'm a sucker and I know it. (But in reality, I just really love my kids.)

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S.B. House said...

Ohmygosh... they are SOOO adorable!!!