Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kitty Cuteness, XV

Kitties turn into cats. People around here don't take as many pictures of cats as they do kitties. But I needed to have a Kitty Cuteness Day. I just needed it.

And so here we are...

Benedict is on the right. He's going to be 1 year old very soon. Lucy is on the left; he turns 17 in July!

How did Arnold get on my back? He flung himself at me, clawed his way up my back, and decided to stay a while.
Benedict really doesn't want to be photographed...

He'd rather hang out here.
 Now, it's on to a full day of teaching, heart dissection (YES!), and writing. Happy Tuesday to you!


T said...

I love kitty cuteness!

Anonymous said...

Yay, kitties :)