Thursday, January 21, 2016


This photo can be found all over the internet (I copied it from this place), but what I find interesting is that the words, while thoughtful, probably aren't those of Buddha. Yes, a fingernail's worth of digging found an article on where and how these words came to be. They are, in effect, an interpretation of Buddha's teaching. No matter, because these words make me think about many things in my life. And as I like to say, anything that makes me think is worth posting.


S. B. House said...

Thanks for adding the link to the article, I found it rather interesting.

As I think about these words I see how that's the natural state of the human mindset. There is time. Our minds don't seem to consider our own mortality very often. Usually, when people come face to face with it, it is in the most drastic circumstances... and it utterly catches them off guard. If our minds really understood the little time we have, how different would we act? What things would we stop putting off for latter?

Christina said...

Very good questions to consider. Anytime someone I know dies, especially when they are very young, I tend to contemplate time. I'd like to think that I wouldn't act any differently than I am now, but I'm guessing there are some things I wouldn't put off, namely self-publishing so the story is out there.