Monday, January 25, 2016

Lyric Lover, V

Today's installment of Lyric Lover doesn't provide an entire set of lyrics for any particular song. Because here's what I find: that many of Taylor Swift's lyrics are stories, and that one could, if one wanted, go in a different direction than she does, if one chooses to use her lyrics as writing prompts.

So who is up for a little bit of on-the-fly writing? (S. B. House tends to post prompts on Mondays, and since I follow her so much, I thought these would be appropriate today.)

Note: due to copyright issues, I cannot print lyrics here. But I'll post the links to videos and a few words for you to focus on with each video

screaming color
(Out of the Woods)

Burning red

light up this whole town
(You Belong with Me)

one-hand feel 
(Our Song)


Anonymous said...

Oooo, I love this!! I now have a horror movie scene running through my head from the lyrics of Our Song.

Christina said...

If you write something from that prompt, feel free to share!!