Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kindergarten: Mission Accomplished

Thursday was the last day of school for the girls. They read, skipped, and sang their way through kindergarten and are ready to tackle first grade. Well, after a three-month vacation, that is. Just for kicks, we'll show the progression of education. Here they are on their first day of preschool:

Before leaving for their first day of kindergarten:

And finally, here, exiting the bus on their last day of kindergarten:
Notice the increase in sophistication apparent in the pictures. Talia somehow managed to be wearing a pair of headphones to give the too-cool-for-school look. The headphones are, to the best of my knowledge, not even hers and we don't know how she wound up with them. I wouldn't put it past her to have won them shooting dice in the back of the classroom.

Update: Ok, the headphones are actually hers. I had forgotten that the kids wore these when they worked on the computer at school. Zoe's headphones are tucked away in her backpack.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Mop-Head meets the clippers

Aaron's hair was out of control. It wasn't that it was long, it was just, well, a lot. I'm no good at describing it; this is what he looked like. It didn't bother me, but according to Chris, something had to be done (shout-out to Miss Nelson).

Chris had a hair appointment on Saturday. As it happens, the woman who does her hair has two little boys of her own, so she has some experience taking shears to the heads of children while they're bobbing and weaving.

When Aaron got on the chair, the hairdresser floated and jabbed with the clippers. By the end she was standing over him as if he were Sonny Liston.

Then the hairdresser raised her arms and said, "I am the greatest." Ok, she didn't, but wouldn't it have been unbelievably awesome if she had?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What Would Henny Youngman Do?

I really, really shouldn't admit to dreaming up this joke. Watch carefully -- I'm about to do something stupid:
Joe: I think my urologist is a pessimist.
Bill: What makes you think that?
Joe: He told me my bladder is half-empty.
Thank you. I'll be here all week. Please be sure to tip the wait-staff generously.