Friday, April 23, 2010


Disclaimer: this post is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for those that cannot discuss bodily functions. Now that I think of it, I might be posting one full of TMI. Just telling you now to leave. If you don't mind being disgusted, then read on.

According to Wikipedia, "the human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult females." These numbers are pretty consistent with most textbooks I have seen. If you actually want to know where that water resides, we usually say that there are two compartments: intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid.

In class we teach that approximately 2/3 of the 55-60% total water is found in the intracellular fluid; 1/3 is found extracellularly. What do these terms mean? If you understand intra- and extra- than you shouldn't have a problem. Essentially, intracellular means within the cells, while extracellular means outside of the cells. The extracellular fluid itself actually has 3 components: transcellular fluid, plasma, and interstitial fluid. If you'd like a refresher on these, the internet has a variety of sites at which you can find good information.

Have you ever wondered from where this water comes? We don't drink that much during the day, do we? Well, no. Our tissues do hold a lot of water, especially the blood, skin, and lean muscles. But effectively, that water is there from the get go. Why? Well, we need water. Our metabolic processes depend on it, sometimes it is a product of a metabolic process, and you can imagine what would happen if blood or muscle tissue did not have enough water: we'd be trying to pump sludge through our cardiovascular system as well as walk with the equivalent of beef jerky for legs (okay, well maybe I embellish a bit).

Yes, I am a physiologist, and I go over topics like this in our first quarter of the Biology series. But I have never truly appreciated the amount of water our bodies can hold until this past week. That is when the bug hit. Melina was the first to get it, and, since she eliminated herself from both ends on me, then I got it. I have been very lucky in the past: I usually succumb to colds, but GI bugs aren't too much of a problem. Not this time. And since I'd like to spare you the details, I just have to say that I have spent many of the past few evenings running back and forth to the toilet (praise God for indoor plumbing!). I have been unable to eat much, but I have tried to get some of the lost water back into the system. Despite feeling weak, tired, and nauseous (and no, I am NOT pregnant), I said to Tim the other night, "Man, do I have a new appreciation for how much water our bodies actually have in them!" Those statistics just kept going through my head, and I wonder what percent of my total body water I have lost. (I am sure I could figure it out, but as I said, being weak, tired, and nauseous, it just isn't going to happen).

In any case, I hope if you are reading this, our little GI germ didn't manage to make its way into your house via the computer line. If it did, get yourself some extra soft tissue, as you will definitely need it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

April Showers

I have a love-hate relationship with the month of April. Two of my favorite people are born in this month, spring starts to show its lovely face, and warm weather begins. On the other hand, April tends not to be good to us. For proof, revisit this post, if you dare.

Perhaps we are on the every-other-year plan for April, as I don't remember having a tough one last year. This year, it hit us. One of us (or more) has been sick since mid-March, and the germs are pretty tenacious, to say the least. Poor Zoe has fared the worse. She missed an entire week of school, had a temperature that reached 105 degrees at one point, and still hasn't eaten enough to sustain her for very long. Tim's throat has been sore off and on (as has mine and Aaron's) and Melina started the month with antibiotics for a double ear infection and has just gotten through a bout of fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. Too much information? Too bad. Since I don't have help here, I at least get to vent! I am ready for May, to be certain.

The girls make their first communions on May 2. I can't wait to post pictures of them in their little dresses. I still need to get some stockings, but we've been prepared for this event for a while. I think the girls are excited for many reasons, one of which is that they get to wear fancy dresses. I bet cake and family have something to do with their excitement, too. We have prepared them with the family communion book that came home with RE, so I am confident that they understand the sanctity of the sacrament, too.

Melina's vocabulary is skyrocketing. We saw a chihuahua yesterday. We told her that "it went home, that way". She now walks around saying "Wa-wa, wat way!" Too cute. (I have to admit, in my sleep deprived state, that I could not spell chihuahua and had to look it up.) She also likes to count, although the numbers are not quite in the right order yet (except for 1-2-3).

Just to round out the 4, Aaron started spring soccer. Tim is coach again, and I think the both of them are enjoying the time together. We'll post pictures of his game some time, too.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Running Blues

I am taking my running shoes back to the store tomorrow. I hope they can give me my money back, or at least help me get my money back from Nike. Even if I cannot get my money back from anyone, I cannot run in these shoes again.

From what I can tell, I now have osteitis pubis, which is basically inflammation of the pubic bone (there is a joint there where the two sides of the girdle come together). The last time I felt any pain in my pubic symphysis (or symphysis pubis, if you prefer) was with each pregnancy. Once my hips went back into place sometime after delivery of the kids, the pain in that region went away. Tim was kind enough to do a search for me on the topic. I guessed my shoes were the problem, and indeed, according to these people, "ill-fitting shoes" can be a cause of osteitis pubis.

So out with the Nike. I plan on purchasing a new pair of my old Saucony shoes. In the meantime, I plan on actually resting and not running for a week. Ouch. That will actually hurt everyone, most of all me.

Enough complaints out of me. The spring weather is upon us, and the flowers are in bloom. Potty training is on the horizon, and while this is for another post, so is weaning. What? You have not weaned your child yet? Perhaps that is TMI, but no, I haven't. Any further posts that involve weaning and/or potty training will have flags of warning so that those of you who are grossed out by such issues can avoid reading the posts.


Aaron had his kindergarten assessment this week. I had to work, so Tim took him. Parents were not allowed in the screening room. The only thing Aaron told me was that they asked him to count to ten. And so he did. We find out the results in a couple of weeks. I am certain he is ready for kindergarten. But is kindergarten ready for him?!?

I started teaching during the day this quarter. I leave at 7:15 am, Brooke (the babysitter) arrives at 8 am, and Tim leaves at that point for the day. I return about 12 noon. Melina and Aaron both benefit from seeing Brooke, as I teach on the days that Aaron is home. They absolutely love her, and every time you mention Brooke's name, Melina says, "funny". I think she means that she has fun with Brooke. To be honest, I think Brooke has fun with Melina, too.

Last but not least, a shout out to Tara, who bested her 1/2 marathon time with her second 1/2 marathon. I can't remember any of the numbers, but kudos to her. Thanks to Tara, too, we have a bunch of pictures from Easter/Ava birthday we can post next time.