Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Is New In Your World?

Shadow is a good buddy and part of the family. The kids love him, I love him when he isn't barking or jumping, and Tim just thinks his first pet is cool. The poor dog had an adenoma removed from his leg last week. Let us hope that our 2nd redhead has many happy years ahead of him. Just so you know, an adenoma is benign. The biopsy was sent off to be read, and if it is cancer, it will be termed adenocarcinoma. What then? We'll cross that bridge if we have to. Enough of the biology lesson.


Melina is pulling up anywhere she can: bookcases, ottomans, couches, tables, steps. [I don' t get much done these days, inbetween checking to see where Melina is and that she is not trying to pull over the various pieces of furniture.] Each time she pulls herself up, she smiles and waits for applause. She actually knows how to put herself back down, pretty gracefully, too. My favorite thing she does right now, though, is spin around in a 360 degree circle on her belly. Over and over and over...making her own crop circles. On the tile or wood floor, she can really get some speed. If her siblings are around, Melina will do this for I can't tell you how long. Again with a smile on her face. Waiting for applause.


I teach 2 classes: one is in-person, the other on-line. I utilize the internet quite a bit for both, obviously relying on it for the on-line class. When I was first hired by the college, we used the Blackboard web applications, but have converted to what is called the Angel system (another web application). Both of the applications are good, but frustrating. They allow me to do what I need to do: post items, view grades on-line, check email.

But each time we either 1. switch web applications (like going from Blackboard to Angel) or 2. upgrade Angel (going from 7.0 to 7.2) there is a learning curve involved. I don't mind learning, but my time to learn is limited, you know? Imagine how much I rolled my eyes when I just found out that not only are we upgrading to Angel 7.4 in 2010, but that Blackboard just acquired Angel. Can you see us going back to Blackboard at some point? How funny.

And, I ran 7 miles last weekend! In one run, I mean. I haven't done that since Melina was in utero. It felt great. I can't wait until my long runs mean 10 miles or more.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Random photos

I just realized that we have not posted photos of the kids for a while. I have plenty I could write about (writing being very cathartic for me) but I never put in any Easter photos of the kids. We have some other pictures, too, that I am sure at least the aunts, uncles, and grandparents would like to see. So, here we go!

Tim set up an Easter egg hunt for Talia, Zoe, and Aaron. Clearly this picture was taken before the eggs were collected. The kids had a great time, and I think Tim did, too.

Melina is shown here, chewing on the tag of the toy that the Easter Bunny brought her. She is wearing hand-me-downs from Aaron, and obviously, isn't even buttoned up all the way. The woes of being the fourth child!

I do dress Melina in pink when we take her out (here she was ready to go to church), so that we don't confuse anyone. Sometimes wearing pink or purple doesn't help, though. Melina was wearing a purple sleeper with hearts and flowers yesterday. At the grocery store, a man came up and said, "What a cute little fella!" Well, I agreed and graciously said thank you. No mention that my fella is really a lady.

Our exersaucer is no longer used in the appropriate manner. Instead, it is a breezeway for the baby.

All four kids enjoy the swingset now, and we are very lucky that the little man is so gentle with his baby sister. Aaron likes to push Melina in the swing. Whether or not she is thrilled with this idea is anyone's guess.

Tim captured a circumhorizon arc on the camera last weekend. It was beautiful, although I can't say how long it lasted.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Funny Things Said By Kids

As a mom of four, my standard uniform consists of stretchy pants, nursing tank, and cardigan sweatshirt. If shoes are on, they are an old pair of running shoes. The sweatshirt usually has some form of food on the left shoulder, and the pants, even if they are right out of the dryer, have an old stain on them. Comfortable, but fashionista, I am not. I might dress up just a bit for teaching in the evening, but even then, if the lab calls for dissecting a sheep brain, I often leave for school wearing jeans or stretchy pants.

I came home the other night and peeked in the girls' room. I hadn't seen them before I left for school, so they didn't know what I was wearing to teach in that night. It had been a warm afternoon, so I chose a 10-year old pair of summer khaki's, an old white tank top, and a breezy, navy, V-neck tunic that didn't actually belong to me (yes, I still have that, Tara...sorry!). A step up from the standard uniform.

Imagine my surprise when Zoe said, "Mom, do you have to get all fancy when you go to work?"


Yesterday, on the walk home from church, Aaron stopped on a pothole that had been filled in. He said, "Look! I'm a pothole-der!"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Wish I Had Some Pictures...

1. I walked into the house after going for a run this past Monday. All four children were under the dining room table. The three older ones were on their backs, tools extended. Tim said they were doing home improvement projects to the table. I am guessing Melina was the foreperson.

2. Talia lost two teeth this past weekend -- one from the top, one from the bottom. In total, I think she has lost five or six teeth. Because she no longer has her top 2 teeth, she likes to smile really big and pretend she is a vampire.

3. Zoe and Talia have learned how to jump off the swing, mid-air. They are getting pretty good at doing so, but last night, while I was at school, Zoe fell. [Sounds like she fell onto her hands, and may have strained a muscle. She is right now at the doctor, as the pain has gotten worse overnight and is radiating up her arm. Tim and I don't think it is broken, as there is very little swelling and she is able to move her arm and fingers in every direction.] The girls decided to take matters into their own hands last night and construct a sling for Zoe's arm out of their stretchy headbands.

4. Aaron has decided to keep me guessing. It is hard to know what he will do next. The other weekend, he needed to get his squirt bottle out of the garage, as he wanted to use it in the bathtub. So, he opened the front door, walked out onto the porch, crossed the front walk and the driveway and made it to the garage, where he found his squirt bottle. Why is that funny? He did it buck naked! Even funnier, he could have just gone out the screen door entrance to the garage.

Guess I need to keep the camera ready. And, I need to post more often.