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Hello and Welcome!

Writing a page about myself is probably one of the most difficult things I could sit down to do. I'm a classic introvert and would rather the attention go elsewhere. And despite all the information I dump into the blog, I'd still consider myself a somewhat closed person.

So what's to tell?

My name is Christina Consolino. Most people assume that my husband shares that name. He does not. I loved my name and kept it when we married.

I'm a gal who always loved to write but who received a degree in science so that I could support myself and my family if I needed to.

I write mostly fiction but, due to some family circumstances in the last year, have also dabbled in personal essay writing.

I can't say never, but I doubt I'll write memoir: I lead a very boring life.

I do have some publications, some of which are located on the sidebar of the Home page. I can get you a list if you want them, just head over to the Contact page and shoot me an email. I'll spare you the scientific publication list! (I will share a link to a chapter from my current WIP, which can be found here.)

My younger sister claims that I am a parenting expert, simply because I have four children and have, along with my husband, spent time and energy in raising them. I'm not sure I agree with her, but I do dispense some great parenting advice at times.

My day job is as a teacher at the local community college, teaching Anatomy & Physiology. Without going into the whole sordid story, there was a time when I thought, "I'm not going to finish this Ph.D." For many reasons, I'm glad I did, the most important of which is I can say to my students and anyone else, "If I did this, so can you."

I have written and edited for as long as I can remember, and have served as an editor for Literary Mama for just about three years now. In that three years, my love for making a piece sing has grown exponentially. I can say, with great accuracy, that I enjoy editing as much as I enjoy writing. 

I believe in fairies and unicorns, even though I've seen neither.

Happy Writing!

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