Monday, April 10, 2017

One Step Forward . . .

What's the old saying? One step forward, two steps back?

I feel as though with writing, that's exactly what I do. I find a place to publish something of mine, and then a slew of rejections settle in. I decide to follow the self-publishing route, and then doubt sets in. I decide to contact an editor to look at my work because I think I'm ready to move forward and not give up the writing life, and then, I fall back into thinking that Nah, I'll just stick with teaching, thank you.

But on a sunny Sunday afternoon, when the rays of the sun sluice between the blinds and the words flow quickly, tumbling from my fingers in a scurried frenzy, it's easy to think that yes, maybe someday will become reality. It's easy to convince myself that sure, many people can write a book. Yet not everyone will continue to work at writing such that they see a book all the way to the end, whatever end that may be.

In my younger days, I might have given up on this dream. But I'm older and wiser and realize that for many people, it's tenacity that gets them that book on the library bookshelf and nothing more.

Step with me, people. Step with me.


Unknown said...

I'm walking right beside you ❤️

Christina said...

Thank you, Barbara!!