Friday, June 26, 2009

Got a Job for Bob?

Melina and I were sitting on the double bed in her room the other morning, a bit after 6 am. Aaron comes in, climbs up on the bed, and presses his nose up against one of her windows, which faces south and looks out over the 1 story roof of our family room.

Aaron: Mom, what are those black things?
Me: I think they are called vents.
Aaron: No, those black things.
Me: Really, Aaron, I am not sure, but I think they are called vents.
Aaron: Mom, I think you need to watch Bob the Builder. He would know what they are.

In retrospect, Aaron might have been referring to the shingles. But after having not slept much the previous night, it never occurred to me to ask him if that was the case.

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