Thursday, October 3, 2013

Conversations with the Contractor

This seems to be par for the course with the contractor. I know things come up, especially in old houses, but I think a little bit of communication might be lacking.
Me: I'd like to just keep the pantry cabinets instead of buying new.
Him 1: Sure. We can paint them.
Me: Sounds good. How do they do it? Take the doors off?
Him 1: Yes, and they'll probably spray to get into the nooks of the doors, so maybe it would be easier, then, to just paint the inside of the cabinets, too.
Me: Okay, whatever.
Later on, when the painter is here, and he's started spraying the trim around the cabinets (the doors are already off) this is what happens.
Him 2: Did you ask Chris about that?
Painter: Uh, no.
Him 2: I don't know if she wants that or not.
I get  phone call.
Me: Hello?
Him 1: I don't think we'll be able to paint the inside of the cabinets. It looks like they'll be too sticky.
Me: That's fine. Wasn't that the first plan?
Him 1: Yes.
Me: I'm good with it.
I go over to the painter.
Me: That's fine if you can't paint the inside. That was what I had first planned to do.
Painter: I started on one. I'll try to clean off as much as I can.
Me: Don't worry about it too much. It's the inside of the pantry. If I really need to, I'll put some contact paper at the back so you can't notice it.
Are you confused? I am, to be sure. I can't quite figure out why Him 2 stopped the painter, since he was following orders from Him 1, and I'm guessing that the painter spoke to Him 1, but I didn't get to hear the phone call. So why are we back to what I thought in the first place? No clue. As long as it looks nice, I'll take it.

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