Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Melina has a propensity to stick her finger up her nose. It started way back, when she had a slew of colds right in a row, and much of her mucus dried right up, inside said nose.

"I'm trying to get the dried mucus out," she always said.

"Don't put your finger in your nose," I always replied.

Well, Melina has gotten better about putting her finger in her nose, but every once in a while, I find that chubby little index finger attached to the right nostril. It happened again last week.

"I have a big piece of mucus in there, Mom," Melina said. "It hurts. Can you check it? It's a bump. A big bump."

"Let me give you a Kleenex and when I find a flashlight, I'll check it out," I said.

She was fine with that scenario and after I located a flashlight, I had Melina lie back against the pillows and took a look into her nostril. There was no mucus, only nose. The kid had been trying to go against a part of her nose that is supposed to be there. 

Now according to Melina, the bump has come and gone. What I think has happened is this: sometimes her mucus membranes are inflamed, and that's when the bump is bigger. I have no proof, but I plan on checking out this nose more often.

Just what I needed. Nose checks. I'll schedule those right in to my already very full days.

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