Sunday, November 10, 2013

Love and Romance

Here's a snippet of an email I received the other day:

Do you use your imagination to come up with better than real life romantic heroes? Do you fantasize about perfect love or forbidden love? You can embrace your passions and turn your daydreams into written stories. The WDU workshop Essentials of Romance Writing will teach you how to shape your ideas into a readable story.

Yes, yes, yes! I thought. Only because I skipped over (inadvertently) the part that stated the title of the workshop, Essentials of Romance Writing.

So no, no, no. Because writing romances has never been on my list of topics about which I'd like to write. I cringe at the thought of stringing together sentences that should make people swoon. When I critique my writing friends' work, you can tell the moment I reach a romantic scene: my faces flushes and I scrunch up my shoulders, EVEN THOUGH NO ONE ELSE IS IN THE ROOM.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that a current manuscript of mine revolves around a forbidden love and the struggle my character has when faced with an attraction she never went looking for. Holy cats, it could be a romance novel. Who knew?

I have no plans to go back, tweak it, and write the manuscript as a romance. I'd probably need to get to the chiropractor if I did, so that he could dig my shoulders out from underneath my ears.

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