Friday, November 8, 2013

Creative Expression

Sometimes I amaze myself.

I don't say that to be cocky, I say it because I wonder at the capability of the human mind. And I know that anyone who says can't really means won't.

Because back on November 1, one week ago to be exact, I started working toward my goal of finishing up manuscript number three. (Saying that sounds insane to my ears. Three? I will have written three full books? That just means I need to get these published sometime within the next decade, or I'll have a shelf full of unrealized dreams.) And here I am, one week later, and I've put forth 16,000 words into this novel. They aren't superb words, but they aren't crap words, either, and as I hoped, they are bringing my story to life.

Isn't that nuts? I run, I cook, I drag kids to and from school, I volunteer and do laundry and cleaning and reading with Melina; I took time out for a concert and had a writer's group meeting, dinner with friends, and still, in one week I managed to get 16,000 new words into my story. Holy crap, let's bottle that shit! I'll scrap the book writing and make millions!

Okay, sorry for the cuss words and for the digression. But seriously. It's amazing, isn't it? Simply amazing.

Find that amazing inside of you and you'll go far. I guarantee it.

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