Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blood Sugar Monitoring

Over the last several weeks, my twice-a-week runs have dwindled to once-a-week. Now you all know I'm not running much even on those two runs, but with one, I'm only managing 30 minutes a week. And, I'm not walking very much either, because I don't like that form of exercise much. What does this lack of exercise mean to me?

I don't care much about the fact that my leg muscles aren't what they used to be or that my bum is a little flabbier. I don't even care that my shoddy abdominal muscles are even shoddier now. What I do care about is the fact that I think my blood sugar might be suffering.

You see, I'm pretty in tuned with my body and I try so very hard to eat well. Actually, I enjoy fruits and vegetables the most, so eating healthy has really never been a problem. And the sugar, I've mostly cut that out, at least in it's refined form. What I'm finding now, on the days (or weeks) that I'm more sedentary, that even eating pasta or pizza can cause me to become quite tired. And that just shouldn't happen.

I don't normally eat both pizza and pasta at the same time, but one at lunch, the other at dinner, and I'm under the table for dessert. Sleeping.
With my Dad's history of diabetes, I plan on being proactive about this potential problem. I head to the doc next month for a checkup. I'm going to ask her to order a blood draw so I can have a baseline for my blood glucose number. No matter what that number is, I realize that I do have to up my exercise. Walking is better than doing nothing. I'll just need to keep telling myself that.

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Anonymous said...

I tried exercise but found I was allergic to it - my skin flushed, my heart raced, I got sweaty, short of breath. Very very dangerous. ;)