Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Just My Thoughts

Slight warning here: Not too bad, but not for the littlest readers in the bunch.

Don't ask me how I got there, but I found myself on a Goodreads page for Unraveled, by Lorelei James. No, I haven't read the book, but if I did, I hope you wouldn't judge me. It can't be any worse than Fifty Shades. Or maybe it can, but I'm not going to find out. I've made myself a promise to concentrate more on better literature these days. But I digress...

Once at the page, I scrolled down to read the synopsis of the book (old habits die hard and all). And then, I read the first of the Popular Answered Questions. It said (I did not correct the writer's grammar):
I have a question, is there a strapon scene in any part of the book?, is just a hard limit for me, and would love to be warned, in case, thanx.
If you don't know what she means by strap on, go look it up. I'm not going to be the one who defiles your mind. (Fun fact: Even though I know what a strap on is, and please don't ask why, I went ahead and put into my Google search box strap on, and the first few things that popped up are strap on roller skates, strap on roof rack, strap on luggage. I'll tell you that none of those describe the strap on you might be looking for.)  I'm also not going to define hard limit, but I think you probably can get the gist of both of those words.

But I found myself laughing at this question, for three reasons. 1. From the synopsis, it's clear to me that the book is a contemporary erotic novel. So sex and such will be featured. A lot. 2. Based on the popularity of such books as our not-so-favorite Fifty Shades, it's likely some sex toy or accoutrement is included in the scenes. The woman, from her comment, is okay with everything except a strap on? So, only strap ons cause this woman to go, ewww? Just in reading, or in real life? (Real life would be just too much information, I think.) 3. Isn't part of the beauty of a book it's structure? If you get to a part you don't really want to read, can't you just skim the words and move on?

Just my thoughts. It is a Wednesday--although not a true Tell Me How You Feel Wednesday--after all.


T said...

Oh god. What kind of day is if going to be when I'm reading about strap ons before even getting out of bed. Lol

Anonymous said...

what an odd limit to have!?