Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last One

The moment I saw that a friend took the "What Arbitrary Thing Are You?" quiz, I knew there was no hope for me. I had to spend a few moments with that quiz. To find out what a few clicks of the mouse would say about me. My friend, unfortunately, wound up as dead AA batteries, objects I would not equate with her at all. So what would I possibly find as my thing?

Any thoughts before I go on?

Well, hot of the presses, my responses to the quiz garnered me a (drumroll, please): New York Times trend story. I kid you not. Here's what the website actually says:

You’re a New York Times trend story! Are more people eating lunch? Are hats gaining traction? Is there an epidemic of teens going out at night and digging holes? Everyone can find out tons of ground breaking, definitely trendy stuff from you!

And yet, I wear fleece that causes some people pain and embarrassment. I think I see something wrong with my results...

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T said...

Shut up! Ahahahaha