Friday, February 7, 2014

One More for the Record

I did it. I took one more silly little quiz to find out my hidden talent.

Can anyone guess what it is?

If not, let me help you: my talent is ballet. And according to Buzzfeed,

Anyone who has seen Center Stage (aka the best movie in the world) knows being a ballerina isn’t just about effort (although you are really good at giving 110 percent). You may have a ballet-friendly body if you have high arches, long limbs, strong legs, and natural flexibility. Sadly, if you’re over the age, of, like, 10, your career passed you by. But, there’s always the next best thing: Get yourself to one of those Yoga Booty Ballet classes.

Yes, I am good at giving 110 percent when I want to and I have high arches; I also possess strong legs from running. But I don't have long limbs, or natural flexibility, and not only am I over the age of 10, but I never made it over the height of 61 inches. How many short ballerinas do you know? Furthermore, when it came down to a choice between taking a ballet class for adults and my first writing class, I chose the writing class. 

I wonder if my life would be different had I gone instead with Sandra to the ballet class.

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Unknown said...

I got Ballet too LOL! Maybe we should take it up together and see if it's true!