Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Solving Problems

Today I thought about cracking open an alcoholic beverage before noon. BEFORE NOON! I'm not a drinker, so you know what kind of day I'm having. But I don't feel like complaining, so I'm only going to say this:

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Anonymous said...

LOL... reading this brought back a memory of my biggest need-a-drink-before-noon day. It was a BAD one, back when I was in the army and a lot of the days were bad. That one though... it was the worst. In fact, it was the ONLY day in the military in which I desperately needed to drink by 9am. We all have them on occasion... luckily, I can say it's been long enough that when I look back on it now I just laugh. I hope laughter can happen eventually for you as well.