Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spoken Words

With all the kids getting up there in age (like 13 is old, right?), the words that come out of their mouths lack the innocence that they used to have. But yesterday, we heard something we haven't in a while.

"Mom," Melina said. "How old were you when electricity was discovered?"

Yeah. Leave it to the littlest in the house to remind me how old or not I might be. But I'm glad she said it, for it could be a while until we hear something like this again.

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Anonymous said...

I had a thirteen year old girl tell me that you aren't really old until your 30. I told her I was 31... she got real quiet and awkwardly walked away.

I asked an eleven year old girl where she learned to braid and she said YouTube. I informed her that YouTube didn't exist when I was growing up. She stopped dead and looked at me with amazement and asked, "Then how did you ever learn anything!?"