Monday, February 29, 2016


I love the Little Man, but there are times when he reminds me of another guy in the house who tends to be forgetful...
Me: Aaron, where is your lunchbox? [Last week, he'd left it in his math classroom overnight.]
Aaron: Just a it is.
Me: Thanks.
Aaron: Uh, I didn't eat my sandwich because I had pizza.
Me: Why did you have pizza?
Aaron: It was the pizza party.
Me: You didn't tell me you were having a pizza party.
Aaron: Oh.
Me: What was this pizza party for?
Aaron: Well, it was for different things, but I had pizza because I won the spelling bee.
Me: You didn't tell me you won the spelling bee, either.
Aaron: Oh.
Me: Yeah, Oh.
Congrats on the spelling bee, honey. Let's make sure you remember to tell me when you win that Nobel Prize.

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