Thursday, February 4, 2016


Yesterday was a very full day. By 11:46 a.m. I had:
  1. Edited half of a profile.
  2. Written a (very short) blog post.
  3. Run 3.5 miles.
  4. Shopped for soft foods for the twins, whose teeth have been aching after their orthodontist appointments.
  5. Laundered and dried two loads of clothes and towels.
  6. Cleaned the master bedroom and bathroom, the kids' bath, and vacuumed most of the house.
  7. Called Gina and actually spoke to her.
  8. Baked a pan of M&M cookies.
  9. Eaten lunch.
  10. Found a place for our writing group to meet in the evening (our original place had to be scrapped due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances).
With the sun shining and warmer temps in the air, I felt invincible. I knew by the time the end of the day came, the temperatures had fallen, and the sun went away, I would be tired, possibly even crabby. But I love full days that actually make you feel full. I could use a few more of those types of days.


Unknown said...

WOW! A productive day!

Anonymous said...

That's great!! I love productive days too :)