Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Go to Her

Go to her,
I want to say,
go to her.
Peel off the gossamer layers
of shame and guilt and madness,
Confess your sins,
and place them before her,
let her inspect them,
these things that have 
desiccated you.
Have her thread her fingers between the crevices
and then,
she can decide
whether or not
to judge you.

I have no answers,
I want to say
I have no answers.
but I know how much
the past can adhere
and wrench the vitality
out of everything,
such that it jeopardizes
the present,
the future.
But you will feel 
clean, pure,
and more content than ever
if you go to her.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words! They, along with the picture, remind me of one of my favorite Psalms, #32.

Christina said...

Thanks. I went and read Psalms 32. Hadn't read that particular one in a long time.