Friday, April 15, 2016

These Wants

Stretching her fingers,
she tries to reach
the other side of her wants.
She views them there,
like vines that dance across
the distressed cement siding
of her former home.
Lovely, and yet suffocating.

These wants,
they mimic and taunt
and she questions when,
and if,
she will be able to touch them.
And whether or not
a single glance
will quench her fierce thirst.
for all the desires
she does not possess.

These wants,
they serve a grand purpose
and distract her from the here,
the now.
They tether her to the past
instead of propelling
her forward
to the place she needs to be
to succeed,
to grow,
to flourish.
She never thinks about why 
her fingers stray off the mark.
And she should think.
She should.

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