Friday, May 6, 2016


Last year I spoke about clarity, a word that can mean different things to different people. It's imperative to write with clarity so that you're understood. But in another sense, clarity means having peace of mind and body. Many days exist where I struggle to find that clarity, and usually, something or someone helps me recapture it.

I think perhaps my problem right now is finding that elusive clarity such that my mind is open to writing again. I'm not talking about having a block, per se. I can write if I sit down and do it. But do I want to write? Not so much. (Although I had a fantastic time with the most recent Dear Student letter.)

And what I fear is that if I give up writing in this forum, it will be too easy to never go back. Plus, I'm continually amazed at what comes out of my head sometimes.

So here's what I propose for a little while: I'm going to post a picture (my own or that of others) each day or maybe every other day or maybe it'll be just a few words. Maybe I'll find a link to a music video that recalls good times. I can't be sure right now. But my goal for those words and images is to inspire me (and you) and bring back to me that clarity I'm so lacking right now.

I think this compromise will be my way of hanging onto a hobby that I love, all while trying to remain in contact with the people I love.

(A friend said, "I dare you to wear the slippers out to Starbucks tonight." I said, "Oh wait. Let me just find some socks." Rainbows and fluffy slippers have always provided such joy and contentment to me. This first image makes me smile. Maybe I'm on way way to finding that clarity...)

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