Monday, June 17, 2013

Inside Out

I awoke this morning with the thought of a run in my head. It's Monday. I try to run on Mondays. Last Monday we were in Chicago, so I took the day off. I should get my body out there today, I thought, as I heaved my body from the warmth of the bed.

I tiptoed down the stairs, and headed to the kitchen, running clothes in hand. I made it to the bathroom, and threw on the light. I don't like artificial morning light, but somehow, I'm just old enough not to be able to successfully navigate dressing myself in the dark. Crap, I have trouble with the light on. Today was no exception from that.

I pulled on my running shorts, no problem. And then, I removed my glasses, reached for my bra, and put my arms through the holes, pulling down the padded part in the process. I stopped half way, because there, in the mirror, it was obvious that I had put my running bra on inside out. I'll admit, I hesitated, as I was still tired. Could I run with my bra on inside out? Would the support be compromised since it was facing outward? Could I be that lazy and not change things around? I've worn plenty of things inside out before: sweaters, t-shirts, underwear, yoga pants. Wearing clothes inside out is never a problem. Except when it is.

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