Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shower Stalls

There's not a whole lot of privacy in this house. Yes, we've had this conversation before. The four kids, the animals, the lack of boundaries. I see you nodding your head. Well, let me say this: I can take it when someone walks in on me when I'm in the bathroom, but I really do prefer to have the shower to myself.  I don't ask for much: let me have, to myself, the four minutes it takes for me to shower. That's it. Once I have the towel wrapped around me, I can deal with you.

So here's what happened.

This lovely late spring morning, I turn on the water and get into the shower. The warmth of the water droplets soothes my slight crankiness (Aaron woke me up to go downstairs) and I'm humming away while lathering up the shampoo. And then, Tim peeks his head through the curtain.
Tim: Hi Chrispea.
Me: Hi.
Tim: Oooooh. [He's ogling, if you can't tell.]
Me: Can I please have some privacy?
Tim: But I like you.
Me: [At this point in our marriage, I don't even worry about feelings and making sure he knows I like him, too.] But I like privacy.
Tim: I know.
Me: Well then, can I please have some peace and quiet? Can I just take my shower by myself? [I'm tempted to swat his hand, the one that has grabbed my bum cheek, but I don't even bother to waste the time.]
Tim: Go ahead. [He's still leering.]
Me: Without you staring at me?
Tim: I don't know. [Thanks for being honest.]
Me: I just want 10 seconds without anyone in here!
Tim: Okay.
I go back to whatever part of me hasn't been washed. And then, Tim pops his head in the other side of the shower.
Tim: You said 10 seconds. I gave you 10 seconds.
I guess we not only lack privacy around here, but maturity as well.