Wednesday, July 17, 2013


In case any of you were wondering, I was on the receiving end of a critique on Monday night. Yes, July 15 was the day. The day to get back from my trusted readers the piece of writing I had so lovingly given to them. (If you don't remember, back in late winter/early spring, I had an epiphany of episode of writing so manic that I basically finished a novel in a month and then went ahead and added changes. That will probably never happen again, but I'm at least blessed to say it did once.) Anyhoo, on June 17, I gave the piece up, and on Monday, I got it back.

I was a bit nervous to head out to the meeting that night, but nothing too bad landed in my stomach. I like this story, and two other people who had already read it liked it, too. I can see the potential for a good book, if you like a fun teen read, and I already knew some holes existed. But I'd trust these ladies with not only my writing, but my life. So I wondered what they'd say.

To make a long two hours short, the critique went well. There aren't any major overhauls to be done, and my writing cohorts gave phenomenal suggestions. Some ideas I identified along with them, and other changes I have never even considered. And I realize this is a very boring post, but I have a manuscript to review and revise. The plan after that? Find an agent and get this thing published!

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