Sunday, July 28, 2013


Imagine my complete and utter surprise yesterday when, after having walked into the store Justice (I know, you are probably shocked I stepped foot in such an establishment), I ran smack dab into a set of dolls from a line called Ever After High.

My jaw dropped and I stopped. I looked at the 9 inch high dolls, and stood there, dumbfounded, reading about the daughters of infamous fairy tale characters. Without revealing too much, I realized, in that moment, that I have to start on my revisions, find myself an agent, and get my story out.

"Do you think I've missed it, Tim?" I asked. "The story isn't the same; it has a cool twist, but you know." I felt dejected. I'd worked so hard on this story, and truly, it isn't just the tale of a famous daughter.

Without a single hesitation Tim spoke. "Or maybe you'd be trying to publish at exactly the right time."

I don't want to miss the window. Hence, the 5:05 am wake-up time today. Wish me luck!

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