Monday, August 26, 2013

Best Options

You know those days where you think about what you thought you'd be doing at 40 and then what you are doing at 40 and compare them? If you aren't 40, that's okay. You can still do the comparison. In fact, if you're younger than 40, get going on the comparison. It might wake you up. But remember, when you look at where you are and where you thought you'd be, blessings come in different disguises, and many times what we thought we wanted might not have been the right choice.

At 40, I thought I'd be working: full-time.
What I am at 40: taking a hiatus (again) from teaching.

At 40, I thought I'd be: a physician (specifically a pathologist).
What I am at 40: a Ph.D. who currently isn't even using the degree.

At 40, I thought I'd have: 3 children.
What I have at 40: 4 kids.

At 40, I thought I'd drive: a minivan.
What I drive at 40: a Honda Pilot.

At 40, I thought I'd be living in: Ann Arbor.
Where I live at 40: the state of Ohio

At 40, I thought I'd be dressed in: baggy clothing and sneakers.
What I dress in at 40: fitted shirts and pants.

At 40, I thought I'd be successful in: my job.
What I am successful in: friendships and mothering.

I think I'll end it there. I could go on, and when I sat down to write this, I had no idea where the post would take me. But now, I see the ending. I've said it many times, but I am grateful, so grateful for my spot in life right now. My friends, my family, my house, my car (used but runs well), my blessings. Plans change, we all know that. Accepting and embracing the changes, while hard, can sometimes be the best option.

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