Monday, August 19, 2013

How Was Your Day?

Let me start off by saying that the conversations listed below did not happen with our insurance company, but with the company of the person who hit us last week. And, as usual, some of this really happened (well, most of it did, as written) and other parts, I had to pull out of my brain. I guess those parts could have been embellished.
Insurance Company (IC): Your car is a total loss.
Me: What does that mean?
IC: We'll pay you X dollars for it and it gets a salvage title.
Me: Okay...
IC: You need to send the title to us. Let me check if you need to get it notarized....Um, no, in your state it isn't necessary. So, I'll send you, via email, the information you need. It will include a FEDEX label, which you can use to send us the title. The salvage yard will call you to make arrangement for the pickup of the vehicle.
Me: Thank you.
Later that day, I check my email. In the email, a copy of a sample title is included. In very large letters are the words: MUST BE NOTARIZED.
Me: Hi. I'm supposed to send you my title, for the car you took away on Friday. But I would like to check to see if I need to get the title notarized. I was told that I don't need a notary.
IC: Oh...let's see. State of X? Yes, yes, you need it to be notarized.
Me: Good thing I double checked, huh? [I can do my job, why can't you do yours?]
IC: Have a good day.
Me: Thank you. You, too.
So, I head over to the local (as in 2 minutes away) bank where we have an account. It is close to me and should limit the amount of time I need to waste on this whole debacle.
Me: Hello. I need to get this title notarized. My vehicle has already been taken, and it is for the salvage title.
Notary: What about this information at the top? I need to know where the vehicle was taken and when it was delivered and all of that. If I don't have it, then I can't sign this. I could have my notary license revoked.
Me: Are you serious? I don't have that information. The insurance company told me not to write anything else on the title, or it would cause problems.
Notary: Then I guess you need to call them.
Me: Thanks.
I head to the car, call Tim, ask him to give me the IC phone number, and after many false starts, I get someone on the line. I recount the notary's news.
IC: Well, we don't have that information about the car. The notary is simply signing that she has witnessed your signature, nothing else.
Me: And I for sure need a notary? [Figured I would ask. They'd been wrong before.]
IC: Yes, you need a notary's signature.
Me: Okay, well, what do you want me to do.
IC: If they won't sign it, then I guess here's what you can do. You can go over to the salvage yard, and--
I cut the IC lady off right there.
Me: Okay, stop. I don't mean to be rude, but I was the one who got hit. I did not cause this accident. I'm doing enough legwork here and you already took my car. I am not going to the salvage yard to deliver a title.
IC: Well, the notary should sign it. Do you want me to speak to her?
Me: Yes, please. Hold on.
IC: All right.
Me: Thank you.
I walk back into the bank and see that the notary is now in a meeting. The teller, who has been friendly in the past, informs me that I can wait. I don't bother.
Me: The notary is busy. I'll figure something out.
IC: Okay.
Me: Sorry to be angry. Thank you for your help.
IC: If you need to speak with us or you need the notary to speak with us, please use the number you just called.
Me:Okay, thank you again.
So, I head over to the credit union (as in 10 minutes away), where the notary doesn't give me any trouble. She looks at the title, understands what I am saying, and signs her name, after I sign my own. I make it to FEDEX even before Melina gets home.

And only once, did I forget my manners.

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