Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Morning Wake Up

Our Monday morning started off with a bang...literally.

On the way to the kids' piano lessons, while we were still within the confines of the neighborhood, a young lady either failed to stop or didn't see us coming down the street. Despite my attempt to swerve around the car I caught sight of in my peripheral vision, her car hit ours. Obviously, we didn't make it to piano lessons.

All human parties involved (a total of 8) walked away unharmed. The cars...well...those are another matter. The front end of the girl's car practically fell off into the street. Our sliding door on the passenger side of the car is smashed in, and I had to haul a piece of the car home in the backseat. That piece is resting nicely in our garage. 

So I didn't get my back-to-school list done today. We managed to walk away from an accident. I'll take that, no problem.

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