Monday, December 28, 2015

And So...(Part III)

An email I received on December 27 after uploading my blog post to HuffPost:
Thank you very much for your blog post. It's been published and can be found at this permanent link.
It's also permanently listed in your author archive.

If you have any questions, please consult our Blogging Guidelines and FAQ in the backstage area (To view the FAQ, sign in at Our team sees all incoming posts, so there's no need to send us a note letting us know that you've posted.

While we strive to read and evaluate each post quickly, we might not feature it immediately after publication. Of course, even if your post is not featured on one of our sections, readers still find and access HuffPost content in a number of ways (including through search engines and links from other sites). And you can help drive significant traffic to your posts in the following ways:

1. Email/IM: Send a short note with a link to your post to any lists you're on and encourage them to comment and share the link. Put the link as your "away" message on IM.
2. Facebook/Twitter: Share a link to your post via Facebook and/or Twitter.
3. Respond to Comments: Responding to comments on your own post helps engage readers and grow an audience. Any comments you make will have a special badge next to them, identifying you as a "HuffPost Blogger" - simply make sure you are logged in to the backstage area where you first submitted your posts, then proceed to to write and post your comment.

Many thanks for blogging on HuffPost
Huffington Post blog team
So that's it! I'm now a HuffPost Blogger! I guess I better get working on the next piece...


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S. B. House said...

Congrats!! It's a good post... looking forward to more in the future :)