Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Categories, II

In the Things I Never Thought I'd Hear category:
Aaron: Mom, I have a boner.
Me: How'd that happen?
Aaron: I'm not sure. It just did.
I know these things happen with him. I've seen them happen, by golly, but somehow, I didn't think that my 11-year-old son would admit to me that he'd had an erection. Or that he knew what the word boner meant. I know I didn't teach him that word (I guess I'm pointing my finger at you, Tim.) And in case you're wondering, yes, we've talked all about erections before. He knows that they just happen and that they're a sign that everything is working right. So rock on, Aaron.

But, later that day, as Aaron was playing Wii with the girls--and my mind was still thinking about our prior conversation--I heard Aaron say:
I almost exploded myself. 
He meant that he accidentally made his character explode, but yeah, you know where my mind went. I have no plans to go there again. *Shudder*


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sandra doninger said...

I can't believe he told you! Good for him. I'm curious to read what more he tells you as he gets older. It'll definitely be blog worthy!