Friday, December 11, 2015

Panda's Day Out

Melina takes her Mommy role very seriously. She's mom to many dolls, stuffed animals, and figurines. Every once in a while, those friends of hers need a little love during the day, and who better to ask to babysit than her very own Mommy.

So, a few weeks ago, I took Panda to work with me.

Panda in the front office, near the secretary's area.

Panda with the fish tank. She was loved watching the fish but felt bad that they were held captive.

I had to stop Panda from trying to eat the plant.

Who doesn't like to rest up against a specimen of a human brain?

She had trouble seeing the slide under the microscope.

Her ferociousness scared some of the kids and they had an exam. So I let her face me while they took the grueling test.

Panda found out that I use computers quite a bit during my day, and that they are good resting places. This computer nap was in my lecture room.

Panda helped me grade the exams, but due to FERPA, I didn't let her see the students' names and scores.

She begged me to let her help drive us home.

A quick stop at the elementary school library for some volunteer time. Here she's pretending to be a book.

Panda had quite the day. Before I knew it, she'd found a napping place among the librarian's puppets.


T said...

Omg. I'm dying.

Anonymous said...

So fabulous!! I'm absolutely in love with Panda's day out; oh the creativity :) My library does something like this... they have stuffed animal sleep overs. You take your kid to drop off the animal at the library on a Friday, and come back Saturday morning for donuts and a slideshow of pictures displaying all the fun the animals had at their slumber party.

Christina said...

Sleepovers sound wonderful. We have a great library system out here. I'll have to see if they have something similar. We can send Panda there!

Anonymous said...

I bet Panda would have a blast!