Thursday, December 3, 2015


Aaron and Melina, watching a new episode of Doctor Who...
Melina: Oh! [Enormous smile fills her face.] It's heaven!
Aaron: No, it's not. It's space, Melina. Jeesh!
Heaven? Space? Same difference to some, no? And of course, just that snippet of a conversation provoked some thoughts and made me wonder. What sort of story could I write about heaven and space? Heaven or space? And what if they are the same? Furthermore, would Melina describe heaven and space the same way? I think she'd see heaven as a closet with unlimited sparkling dresses and bejeweled shoes, but maybe I have underestimated her.

The end of my semester is looming near, so I won't have time to think about where I can go with those thoughts in terms of a new story, but I want to leave you with a few pictures that might help you create something wonderful. (I usually try to say where I find pictures, as I can't claim to have taken most of the pictures I post. However, I can't remember where these came from. I'll look it up later and acknowledge.) Let's see what you can do.


Anonymous said...

These are great pics... my creative juices are now flowing. Thanks for sharing them :)

Christina said...

My pleasure.