Monday, December 7, 2015

These Things I Know

A year ago today, I lamented about my oven, which had an issue I thought would never be resolved. The company finally repaired the problem, as you know, but what you might not know is that my oven now runs hot. I don't know why I'm telling you this now, on a year later. I just thought you should know.

And so, because I have nothing else to do this morning, I'll tell you about a few other things that I know.

We drove to Michigan and back from Michigan with the best dog ever. I think the grandparents and the cousins were glad to see the big guy. Now, I want to take him everywhere, but I know that's not possible.

I'm not sure why we expect my mother to eat food that doesn't taste good to her. She was never an adventurous eater to begin with. Why would she try things now, when many foods have started to taste like sawdust?

Melina sat down to watch Scooby-Doo yesterday and I realized that the episode she was watching was older than I was. Crazy.

I'm scheduled to sub today in the same classroom in which my friend serves as an aide. I will be honest--part of my reason for saying yes to the job was so I could see her. Have our schedules really gotten that busy? Yes, yes they have. (Update: as luck would have it, Melina woke up with a fever. So there's not seeing my friend today...)

I need to sit down with a list of writing goals, and I need to do it soon. As much fun as this blog is, I won't be posting every day next year (sorry FRN). The blogging gets in the way of novel revising, and if I want to EVER publish one of my books (self or otherwise), I cannot spend as much time with you folks.

Thinking about not blogging as much makes me sad. I don't want to feel sad, especially on a Monday morning, so I'll think instead about Christmas, and what our tree looked like in 1982.

(My folks still have that couch you can see behind the tree. There are two of them. They should have been retired years ago, but you know how parents can be...)


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Anonymous said...

wow, 1982... I wasn't even born yet

Christina said...

I know, Bethany!

Anonymous said...

Oh crap, did I type that out loud!? What I meant to say was... aww, not posting everyday. How sad :(