Saturday, January 30, 2016

Best in Show

Aaron's a great artist. Last year, he had a piece in the local art show, and this year, he has another piece headed to the same show as well. Wait a minute, you say. Who is this lady bragging about her child? Well, I'm not bragging, per se, I'm just trying to help you recognize the complexities of Little Red.

For I came home the other night to find this lovely piece of art sitting on my counter (this is not the piece that will be at the show, I should add):

What is it you ask? Does anyone want to hazard any guesses? (Get your mind out of the gutter at least partially, FRN.) It's a tampon ghost, of course.

I guess I'm quite proud that my 11-year-old son is comfortable holding a tampon. On the other hand... well, I'm not sure there is another hand.

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T said...

Snort. You know me well.