Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Think Spring

The day dawned dull and gray and the clouds hung low in the sky. And I needed a little bit of spring in my step. What better way to get that than to look at some pictures I'd taken a few days before of the spring glories waking up around the yard.

This picture is my favorite. The dogwood hasn't bloomed yet, but it's peeking out.

The picture could be centered better, but I like how the filter worked on this photo of our front door.

For years, I've tried to get rid of this plant. Lovely flowers, no? But it invades my space.

Bright green shoots from the hastas on the side of the house appeared last week. I fear the frost last night might have killed them.


Anonymous said...

Yay, spring!! Love the pics :)

Christina said...

Thanks. It feels like winter here today, but I'm willing to bet that more spring-y weather will be on the way eventually.