Friday, July 22, 2016


I didn't expect much.
Just a small apology,
or a simple acknowledgment
that what she did
was wrong.
But when I looked into her eyes,
I realized how blank,
how vacant,
the space behind her eyelids seemed.

She didn't recognize that her actions,
or inactions (since that's what they really were)
caused profound repercussions
on those she called loved ones.
Were they really so loved? 
Did she hold these people close to her heart?
Based on how she spoke to them, 
I couldn't be sure.

So I waited and watched,
and wondered what or who
had made her the way she was.
And sadly, in those quiet moments,
I found the answer.

Because her parents scooted in and out
of her life and managed,
in one single instance,
to sweep away her independence.
Always the types to bail her out,
and make excuses for her,
I knew if I said anything at all
about this latest transgression,
they'd have a reason at the ready.

And I wondered,
as I always have,
when she'd extend her arms,
reach beyond them,
and sprout like a bean in the spring. 
But growing just isn't her thing.


S.B. House said...

Oh that's terribly sad :( ...but great picture!

Christina said...

I love that picture. It's from Pixabay. Can't remember what I searched for, though...