Friday, November 18, 2011

Tim's Mom's Turkey Recipe

It is that time of the year again. People will be calling me (you know who you are) for Tim's Mom's Turkey Recipe. I am not a fan of Thanksgiving turkey, mostly because as a kid, the turkeys weren't that tasty. Sorry, mom, but you know it is true. I always loved the smell of the cooking turkey, but the taste never quite lived up to the name.

Then, I met Tim (and Tim's mom) and realized that Thanksgiving turkey can be good, great even.

So, here is the recipe. Try it. You might find that you, too, are a Turkey convert. Remember, I was once completely vegetarian, too.

For a 14 pound bird:

7 tsp salt
7 tsp garlic salt
Italian seasoning
3/4 stick butter (soft)

Mash up the spices and the soft butter together in a bowl. Put under turkey skin, on the legs, and in the cavity of the bird. Put bay leaves and rosemary (if you want) under skin. Put the bird in the fridge overnight (or for two nights). Take out the bay leaves/rosemary before cooking.

Tie the turkey legs, put water and wine (cooking sherry will do) in bottom of pan, and bake at 350 or 370. Get it good and brown, and then seal it tightly with foil and turn the oven down to 330 or so.

I don't have any other instructions. Tim just looks in the oven and knows when it is done. The result? A flavorful, and moist, turkey breast, and yummy legs to boot! If you are just using a turkey breast, this works, and it works for whole chickens, too. Enjoy!

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Jazzie said...

My mom taught me how to stuff a turkey, what she shaid is that I should cook the stuffing first before putting it indie the turkey.