Thursday, August 16, 2012


Tim, Melina, and I all attended a funeral today.  The funeral was for a man that lived in our neighborhood, one that we saw walking his dog and having fun with this family.  I encountered him many times at the grocery store, and Tim coached his daughters in volleyball.  He was a part of our parish, and judging by all the other people that attended the funeral, he was also well loved.

I think funerals are hard for everyone, but I find them even more difficult if the people attending and those conducting dwell on their loss.  I know that sounds absolutely callous, but what I mean is that I prefer to have a funeral that is a celebration of life instead of an elegy of loss.  Today's funeral certainly fit the bill.

I can't do justice to the homily or the songs and readings chosen by the family, but it was apparent that the mom and daughters took some time and put some thought into the selections.  They chose the songs and readings because they represented this man, or reminded them of him.  It truly was a touching ceremony.

Of course, attending a funeral always gets one thinking of one's own demise.  I try not to dwell on that day; I don't fear it, but I do think of my kids and how they will handle my passing.  I also have many thoughts on how I think a funeral should be conducted.   But that is for another post.  In the meantime, say a quick prayer or send positive vibes to the family of PJB.  I think right now they could use some.

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