Monday, October 26, 2015

New Necklace

Over the past year, I've taken to wearing a Tree of Life necklace that once belonged to Talia. It lays nicely on my sternum when I wear V-neck T-shirts, and I like what it symbolizes: the interconnection of all life.

The branches on my tree are a little curlier, but you get my drift. If you want one, go here.
The other day, however, I happened to look up something for class and came across a jewelry design I'm pretty excited about. And for me to be excited about jewelry, it must be something cool. Well, it is. Behold my new fascination.

Jewelry designer, I am not. You can find it here.
Yes, dear friends, that structure is a multipolar neuron! You can see the cell body (complete with nucleus), dendrites, and myelin-sheath covered axon! I love teaching the neuron at school, and when I saw this piece, I became energized. Not only by the thought of keeping a neuron close to my heart, but for what that neuron means to me now--a structure that is currently deteriorating in the brain of my mom.

Sad? Maybe a little. But I think I'll buy something similar to this piece (they have a neuron within a circle instead of a rectangle that I might like better) as a way of remembering what my passion for science as well as my mom mean to me.


Anonymous said...

Nerd! But it's a really pretty necklace (I don't get much excited about jewelry either).

Christina said...

I know. I am nerd. What can I say?