Wednesday, February 24, 2016

These Things I Know, II

My kids claim that I know a lot. I've never claimed to know much of anything, but people ask me questions all the time, and I answer them (apparently with adequate information) so I must know something. And since I have an itch to write a post, I might as well share with you more of the things that I know:

Many moms do not want their pictures taken. I'm not sure if that fact has to do with saggy boobs, wrinkles, and messy/gray/roots-showing hair, but I know that my single friends--those who have never been married and do not have children--never mind getting in front of the camera. In fact, their Facebook pages are littered with current photos of themselves and only themselves.

My parents either do not know how to take care of themselves, or they do not want to take care of themselves. That statement could be the basis of a book--oh wait, it is the basis of a book (yet to be revised and sent out)--so I'll stop there for now.

My life is so chock full of rich moments, that even if I wanted to stop writing, I'm not sure I could. I think I'd go crazy just try to harness all the details and imaginary conversations into order. And I'm all about order, so yes, you'd have to send me to the loony bin. (Or am I already there?)

I love Shadow. I will miss him when he's no longer on this earth. If I think about that possibility for too long, I will start to cry, so I usually don't dwell on it. However, I do take a lot of pictures...

Ignore that rather large mass to the left of his nose. We had it removed yesterday.

I love red lentils but I have yet to figure out exactly how long they take to cook under my watch.

Sometimes I hear music when my dishwasher runs. My guess is that the swirl of the water, the movement of the dishes, and the tinkling of the silverware come together to make a melody. If you listen very closely, the lovely peals are reminiscent of the noise that accompanies the movement of the TARDIS.

I went to the dermatologist the other day for my annual full body exam. While there, the doctor told me that the dry patch on my face could very well keep recurring unless I took an antibiotic (it's perioral dermatitis). I'm not one to take drugs unnecessarily, but I might fill the prescription.

There are people who enrich our lives, and the only way they will ever know that fact is if you tell them. You enrich my life, readers, and I'm grateful for you.


Anonymous said...

A very nice list. I especially like that last one. Sometimes we can so easily speak up when something (or someone) displeases us; but rarely get around to expressing what (or who) we appreciate. You can't just think it... you've got to say it!

Christina said...

Indeed!! (Hope your hiatus is very productive.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! I love all your encouragement... I already have a 2nd chapter edited and resisting opening the book I just got at the library to work on the 3rd :)

Unknown said...

This is a nice list. I do have to admit to laughing at your first point bc, unlike other moms, I don't take naked photos so saggy boobs are rarely my reason for hiding from the lens. :)