Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kitty Cuteness, XIX

OMG, we haven't had a Tuesday Kitty Cuteness since back in April. Seriously. And since I have very few moments to write, but apparently plenty of time to snap pictures, I thought I'd make your day. If you like cats, that is.

These two, Benedict and Arnold, certainly cause their share of mischief, but poses like these help bring my blood pressure back down after a long day of teaching. (As of this morning, friends, I'll only have 90 chances left to break those students!)

But really. Who can deny all of this kitty cuteness?

Arnold. Asleep for a change. Which means he's NOT in the dog's water dish performing water aerobics.

Benedict. In a box. Which means he's NOT batting around a whiffle ball in his attempt to look like Gareth Bale.

1 comment:

S.B. House said...

So adorable... I love a cat in a box!!