Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dear Student Starts

Dear Student: Renal and radial describe two entirely different areas of the body.
Dear Student: Coming to class might be optional in your mind, but if you miss any more class, I'll have enough evidence to justify the F you'll be seeing in the grade book.

Dear Student: Sitting at the front of the class will not make you smarter. (There have been studies performed that indicate students who sit at the front of the class achieve better test scores, but based on the exam you took yesterday, it's clear you don't fall into that bunch.)

Dear Student: Sitting at the back of the class doesn't mean I can't see you as you text your buddy about your lunch plans.

Dear Student: When I say that CO = HR x SV, that SV = EDV - ESV, and that you should memorize and understand how those formulas work, then YOU SHOULD MEMORIZE AND UNDERSTAND HOW THOSE FORMULAS WORK.

Dear Student: Just like avascular means without blood vessels, so too does anucleated mean without a nucleus. Remember when I said to pay attention to prefixes, suffixes, and words in general?

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S.B. House said...

Ooo... I love these quick Dear Student notes!