Friday, September 16, 2016

The Friday Five

Another week down and another five things I did this week. In the interest of saving time, here we go...

1. Yelled at the top of my lungs, "IT IS NOT A BATHTUB!" to Arnold, the cat, when I heard him batting the dog's water bowl around in the kitchen.
2. Explained cardiac output and how stroke volume and heart rate affect cardiac output so many times that I could probably teach it in my sleep.
3. Ran around on Tuesday for three hours in the afternoon all within two miles of my house.
4. Gawked at the nerve of someone on Facebook. (Okay, I think I need to explain this because it really bothered me. An acquaintance had written in a post: "Today I sit here over whelmed with my thoughts.... I have one kid in jail heading to prison... My son is currently in a hospital bed cause of not wanting to live any more..... I sit here consumed with my own thoughts....." No matter what you think of the person and her words, my heart went out to her. Least valuable comment she received--and the reason I gawked: "Stay strong honey. This too shall pass." Yep. Someone said that.)
5. Attended a community concert that featured Monroeville. The band lit up the stage and played with every orchestra at the high school. Yes, my kids played with a real live band! How cool is that?

(Never heard of Monroeville? Neither had I. So here's a video to help acquaint you.)

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