Monday, July 27, 2015

Cousin Fun

Last week, we had a visitor. Cousin A stayed for a week while FRN went on her honeymoon. (Hope you had a great time! I know you didn't get eaten by bears, and I have to say, I'm grateful that you didn't!) I wondered how the week would go: Would the kids get tired of one another? Would we find enough to do? Just how fatigued would I be at the end of the week?

Well, I have to say that having one more child isn't that much more work when you already have five. (Oops, I mean four. I have four kids and that one really big kid.) However, last night, I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. So that's saying something.

But I thought I'd share a bit of the fun we had last week. I'm glad the kids had the chance to experience some cousin time.

Tea time for Melina and A.

A helping make chocolatey chocolate chip cookies.

Melina helping make chocolatey chocolate chip cookies.

Zoe and Melina at the landing at Carillon.

Talia in the slide at Carillon.

Ava in the slide at Carillon.

Aaron on the path.

Sweet old-fashioned faces.

Not so sweet old-fashioned faces.

Making candy sushi.

At Cox Arboretum.

At the top of the tree tower.

Never let A drive the truck. She's got three casualties and a passenger trying to get out.

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