Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So Do I

We've had a very tiring few weeks around here. Melina has been going to bed too late and getting up too early. She's been a trooper, but the fatigue is wearing on her. She walks around like a zombie at times. Other times, she yawns incessantly. And her ability to be happy-happy-joy-joy all the time is, well, at an all-time low.

Last night, she attempted to round the kids up for dinner. (Melina does this sort of thing regularly. She is a rule follower, and when I say it's time for dinner, she makes sure that everyone does their job in setting the table and also that they come to the table to eat.) The girls had just come back from an overnight STEM camp and Aaron was showing them what he'd built on Minecraft. I had told the kids that dinner and a movie would be fine, but that they needed to choose the movie before dinner made it onto the table. Melina tried, oh how she tried, to get those kids moving. But they were slow to do anything that she said.

Finally, she shuffled into the kitchen with a long face.
Me: What's wrong? Are you tired?
Melina: Yes.
Me: You okay?
Melina: Yes. But I just realized something. Sometimes, when I'm tired, I start to lose my patience.
So do I, Melina. So do I.

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